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The Cost of Deception by Mary Marvella (The Protective Series Book 3)
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Overview: The Cost of Deception is a romantic suspense. Tess is a widowed mother and a teacher. She has been so wrapped in in her role as a mother that she has forgotten how it feels to be a desirable woman. Attending her 20 year high school class reunion, the first she’s ever attended, changes that when she meets Drew. She and Drew were the class loners and too involved in studying to feel the hormones that attack teens.

Drew is now an undercover cop in Atlanta, GA. During his years in the military he had no concerns about marriage and starting his own family. His life put him in danger and he liked things that way. He was no longer the nerd who had attended Georgia Tech. Seeing Tess at the class reunion made him rethink what he really wanted.

She loves her children more than anything else. He doesn’t know how to make his career work with the things Tess and her kids make him want.

Yes, there will be hot sex and danger will stalk her family.
Genre: Romance


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