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The Castle in the Mist by Amy Ephron (Read by Laraine Newman)
Requirements: MP3 Player, 3 hrs and 28 mins, 94.2 mb
Overview: Tess and her brother, Max, are sent for the summer to their aunt’s sleepy village in the English countryside, where excitement is as rare as a good Wi-Fi signal. So when Tess stumbles upon an old brass key that unlocks an ornately carved gate attached to a strangely invisible wall, she jumps at the chance for adventure. And the world beyond the gate doesn’t disappoint. She finds rose gardens, a maze made of hedges, and a boy named William who is just as lonely as she is. But at William’s castle, strange things begin to happen. Carnival games are paid for in wishes, dreams seem to come alive, and then there’s William’s eerie warning: Beware of the hawthorn trees. A warning that chills Tess to the bone.
Genre: Audiobook|Children’s Fiction


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