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The Books of Conjury: The Complete Trilogy (1-3) by Kevan Dale
Requirements: Kevan Dale grew up in a Massachusetts home full of books, next to a winding patch of woods full of stories (in his already vivid imagination). Books and stories eventually pointed him to a degree in English. That degree in English inspired him to pursue a career as a professional guitar maker (long story.) A decade of luthiery led to a second career, this time in video games (another long story) where he remains. It all made sense at the time, honestly.
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Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


#1 – The Magic of Unkindness
The demons want sixteen-year-old Kate Finch’s soul. The governor wants her hanged.

And she’s only been in the colony for a day.

Outrunning the murderous spirits leads her into the heart of Salem, where she uncovers the secret experiments of August Swaine, the greatest sorcerer of the age. Her talents at surviving mayhem make her the perfect apprentice for Swaine. But when the terrors that destroyed the witches explode out into the countryside, word of Finch’s peculiar nature spreads to all the wrong ears.

As dangers close in, Finch discovers the only hope to stop the unimaginable threat facing the colony…

But will anyone believe her?

#2 – The Grave Raven
There are two kinds of sorcerers—the exceptional, and the dead.

Kate Finch isn’t a frightened young apprentice anymore, helpless in the face of the demons drawn inexorably to her. When her desire to keep a risky promise pulls her deeper into the colony’s power struggles, political intrigues, and the shadowy realm of displaced magic known as the Demonmere, Finch is plunged into a harrowing race to unlock the secrets left by the witches who perished eighty years earlier.

Her loyalty is put to the ultimate test when she discovers that her master’s experiments appear to be on a collision course with the unseen powers of Salem, a reckoning that could unleash a devastating tide of the infernal capable of bringing ruin to all.

#3 – The Halls of Midnight
Sorcery wagers with madness, mayhem, death, and eternal torment. Has Finch’s luck run out?

Kate Finch is an indispensable apprentice at last—yet she’s plagued with worry and self-doubt. Nothing is good enough, fast enough, magnificent enough for her mentor August Swaine. More and more demons infest the colony. And everyone she’s relied on to keep her secrets is under surveillance by the new Governor, a man committed to obliterating the practice of the unseen arts at all costs.

Just as Finch grasps the true peril threatening the colony, she confronts the one choice she’s not prepared for: betray her master, or watch him pay the cruelest price of sorcery.

Her untamed witchcraft saved her time and time again—but Finch is out of time.

Is she also out of luck?

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