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The Blood Archive by Minerva Taylor (Russian Trilogy, #2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, MOBI Reader, 1.43 MB
Overview: The Blood Archive, sequel to The Blood Stiller, continues the story of the life threatening Romanov archive which holds startling and previously undisclosed evidence that unidentified members of the Romanov family may have survived the 1918 brutal massacre at Ekaterinburg.
A KGB killer, a beautiful young prima donna with a wild past and a Midwestern deputy sheriff who has lost his way collide in this desperate search for the cache of documents worth billions that could change the course of history.
The mismatched Katya Marston and Roo Yoder end up on the killer’s hit list as they race between London, New York, Ohio and the French Alps to find the archive before it can bring down the Russian government.
This historically accurate, action packed novel weaves the dark violent past of the Russian Revolution involving the Romanov murders and the deliberations of Stalin’s murderous clique into an equally intriguing contemporary adventure exploring the mystery surrounding the lives of the three main characters.
Genre: Thriller Historical


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