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The Band Series by Lara Wynter (1-3)
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Overview: Lara lives in Tasmania with her family, having moved to the island state in 2013. The stunning coastline and beautiful forests inspired her to set part of her series The Alora Chronicles here.
Genre: Romance


1. Infuse – A broken mind.
A shattered past.
A chance to love.
Autumn is not your average twenty-one year old. She often has trouble just leaving her house. The anxiety is like a curse, threatening to pull her under at any time. She uses music to help her cope. The music that helps the most is by one of the worlds top bands – Infusion Deep.
As lead singer of Infusion Deep, Finn should be on top of the world. His band is one of the hottest on the planet. But for the last two years, he hasn’t been able to write a thing. The band is depending on him, but inside he feels broken and alone.
Can a chance meeting help them to heal? Or will their problems lead them both to heartbreak?

2. Ignite – A broken heart
A shattered dream
A chance to love
I am a fraud. People think I have it all together. I have fame, money, and millions of adoring fans. How can I still feel so alone?
Wes Bowman, founding member of world famous rock band Infusion Deep, has never felt lower. His little sister Sophie is safe under his care. His best friend is now happily married. Wes has spent his whole life fixing other people’s problems. He doesn’t have time for a relationship of his own.
When Jemma Jones is offered a job as Sophie’s nanny, it’s exactly the opportunity she needs. Left horribly scarred by her ex boyfriend, she has to get her life back on track. Wanting to avoid the spotlight, she is relieved when the job means staying at Wes’s Portland mansion and not touring with the band. What she doesn’t expect, is to discover herself falling for the gorgeous rock star.
Two hearts not looking for love. But is love just what they need?

3. Inflict – Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday and I think I’ve just made the biggest mistake of my life…
When Sophie Bowman wakes up in Vegas, married to rock star Hunter Hawke, she panics. Having grown up with a famous brother, she’s determined to make it in the music business on her own. When circumstances force them to stay together, she must find a way to earn her own success.
Tired of groupies and sycophants, Hunter falls head over heels for the musician whose talent burns as brightly as his own. After their impetuous marriage, and Sophie’s subsequent rejection of him, Hunter is terrified to tell her that his feelings for her are real. With his checkered past—does he really deserve someone like Sophie?
Things in the past rarely stay hidden, and life gets way more complicated when Hunter’s latest ex-shows up determined to cause trouble. She’s not the only woman determined to hold on to Hunter, either.
When disaster strikes, more than just their feelings will hang in the balance.

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3. Inflict

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