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The All-Strong League’s All-Strongest by Randall Eisenhorn,Phillip J. Handelson,J.T. Washington,Hector Bugarro ( Vol. 1 & 1.5)
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Overview: This collection of hot gay erotica will knock you out of the park. It’s a smorgasbord of sexy macho athletes, jocks, muscle-gods, prison studs and ghetto thugs on the downlow! It’s outrageously sex-gushingly man-worshiping lust!

This is an Open Setting work, part of the All-Strong League project.
Genre: Fiction> Erotic MM


"Boxers Downlow" by Hector Bugarro: Hector Sanchez is an aspiring boxer cursed by being a little too short to be considered a serious contender. Until, that is, he meets a fight promoter and manager named Calvos. A mysterious, dark-skinned man, Calvos pushes Hector to explore his sexual limits in order to make the necessary sacrifices — Hector is desperate to give his career a boost by fighting in an upcoming tournament Calvos has told him about. He’s willing to do anything to make himself a star, and Calvos knows just which boundaries he should cross.

"The Baltimore Blues" by Randall Eisenhorn: When a young gay man is hired to work in a professional football team’s locker room, he thinks he’s found the perfect career for him. Surrounded by muscular, sweaty jocks from morning to night, watching them shower and keeping them satisfied is an exciting and fulfilling way to pass the day, but when he and one player begin to develop feelings for each other, it complicates what should have been a dream job. As the team comes to grips with the possibility of a romantic affair between a player and a man, the two young lovebirds must stand up for their feelings and defend each other’s honor.

"Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison" by Phillip J. Handelson: When an American soldier is caught off-base in Turkey with a small amount of marijuana, he is sent off to the hardest, cruelest prison in the country. The inmates there are tough and macho, bulging with muscles and curves, but are comfortable with a degree of physical intimacy that would be seen as gay in much of the Western world. Our hapless hero finds himself in a position that’s both erotic and humiliating, serving as a specialized masseuse for the men of the prison oil wrestling team. Pleasing their aching muscles and rubbing them down with oil every day, he must struggle to find a name and a place for himself among the brutes he finds himself living with.

"Play Ball!" by Hector Bugarro: Alex and Javier are teammates on the Miami Crocs, a pro baseball team. They never thought they’d explore their homosexual boundaries, but after a stunning loss in a big game, the pair of Cuban jocks are despondent and desperate to find some female companionship. However, when they are unable to overcome their anxiety and depression over the blown game, Alex and Javier instead find themselves in a mysterious nightclub backroom where men go to seek pleasure without the comfort of women. Their Cuban machismo is tested by the easy sexual release offered by the embrace of other men, and Alex and Javier find themselves succumbing to homosexual desires. When they wake up the next morning, their lives will never be the same.

And a bonus story: "Basketball Team Delight" by J.T. Washington: This is a standalone chapter from the best-selling erotic novel, "The Many Manipulations of Calvert Howard". It is the story of two gay men who hire an entire ghetto basketball team to ravage every meat-hungry hole of their body.

There’s No Love in Basketball by Randall Eisenhorn, Ethan Scarsdale:
Kevin Marcell is a handsome basketball jock, famous for his machismo and his skill with the ladies. What no one knows is that his entire persona is an act. Kevin is actually gay, and in a committed, long-term relationship with one of his posse, a rugged musclegod who goes by Gargoyle.
When his delicate balance of heterosexual appearances and homosexual lifestyles is destroyed by a reporter, Kevin is forced to make a terrible choice. His love and lust for Gargoyle is true, but so is his need to be a basketball star. Kevin is blackmailed into submission, and must come to understand that there is no love in basketball.

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