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Tatum by S. Raven Storm (A Wolf’s Hunger Book 12)
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Overview: Tatum ruled a region larger than any alpha. He was firm, but fair and battled anyone who challenged his authority or threatened his pack. Love, to him was just a foreign concept, nothing of importance. When physical and emotional pain presented itself, he did everything in his power to fight it. He refused to except the old wives’ tale about a wolf’s hunger. Finding his true mate was never part of his plans, until he met Bristol… She was strong, fearless, beautiful and everything he could want in a mate. As powerful as Tatum was, he was equally weak when it came to Bristol. Tatum never thought anyone could tame his heart much less his body and soul. Bristol proved to be the only power strong enough to bring him to his knees, time and time again. He vowed to make her his she-wolf and promised to shed the blood of anyone who tried to take her from him. Bristol on the run from her pack and Rex, the one responsible for the death of her parents. She never thought her flight would bring her to a region where the legendary alpha Tatum resided, or a place better than home. Tatum was the alpha of her dreams and she knew he was her soul mate. She was a believer of the ancient ways, and grew up with stories of a wolf’s hunger. Bristol knew the pain that gripped her soul, was nothing more than the prophecy of the gamma of her pack. But Bristol’s past would soon catch up to her, forcing her from the man she loved more than life itself and the pack she’d adopted as her own. Rex, sly, ruthless, and vindictive wanted everything Tatum possessed, including Bristol… He killed her parents to make her his own, he was willing to do the same to Tatum…
Will Tatum keep his promise, even if means his death? Will Bristol takes her revenge out on Rex before Tatum takes his? Will Rex finally get what he desires most?
Genre: Paranormal Romance


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