Download Tale of the Demon World Series 1-6 by Emma Holly (.PDF)

Tale of the Demon World Series 1-6 by Emma Holly
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Overview: Emma Holly is an American author and raised, who specializes in writing erotica-romance novels and often with a focus on BDSM. She has written over twenty books and was a finalist for the Romance Writers of America 2004 RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance.

Tale of the Demon World 01 – The Demon’s Daughter
Inspector adrian philips keeps the peace between demons and humans in Avvar,a city not unlike victorian london. To do his job,he’s allowed his strength to be enhanced by demon technology,a choice thats cost him his wife,his family,and some would say-his humanity.rejected by both races,he hungers for a woman’s touch.roxanne mcallister is an outcast,too.the illegitimate daughter of an infamous fateful night brings roxanne and adrian together,and though the border between human and demon is treacherous,these two may be the ones to cross it.the question is,will the exquisite pleasure they find together be worth the risk…

Tale of the Demon World 02 – The Countess’s Pleasure in omnibus “Hot Spell”
a lower-class demon and a lonely widowed countess share a week of unbridled passion that evolves into more than they anticipated.

Tale of the Demon World 03 – Prince of Ice
Emma Holly loves to take a walk on the wild side, and here she ventures into a sensuous and dangerous world where a human courtesan becomes the flesh and blood property of a demon prince. Soulmates, lovers-and victims of an unnatural desire that could drive them both insane.

Tale of the Demon World 04 – The Demon’s Angel in omnibus “Demon’s Delight”
USA Today bestselling author Emma Holly introduces a beautiful scientist to the realm of the Demon World…and an irresistible male she has experimented on.

Tale of the Demon World 05 – Queen of All She Surveys in omnibus “Beyond the Dark”
King Ravna sends his son Warrior Prince Memnon as a war prize to the demon enhanced Queen Tou of HHAMOUN with hopes his offspring can capture the lady with sexual wiles, but instead of loathing and betrayal he finds love.

Tale of the Demon World 06 – Demon’s Fire
Fleeing the routine life her family wanted for her, Beth joins an archaeological dig spearheaded by her cousin Charles. For such an adventurer, the desert city of Bhamjran is perfect for making unusual discoveries-especially when it comes to forbidden appetites. Like his own unnatural desire for a Yama demon. And as he and Beth are about to learn, some Yama find humans equally irresistible…

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