Download The Dark Side of Game Texturing by David Franson (.PDF)

The Dark Side of Game Texturing by David Franson
Requirements: PDF Reader, 16 MB
Overview: Charred ruins, bullet holes, rusted metal if you’re a fan of 3D first-person-shooter games, then you’re familiar with those amazing, ominous textures that draw you into your character’s surroundings. Get ready to analyze and re-create the textures and graphics used in these games. All you need is a decent PC, Photoshop, and a digital camera. Once you learn how to create the textures within this book, you can create any texture for any game. Not a born artist? That’s okay. You’ll learn how to let Photoshop do most of the work.
Begin with texturing basics, including pixel sizes, color modes, and alpha channels. Then jump right into hearty texture tutorials as you create everything from sci-fi backgrounds and molten lava to medieval castle walls and dragon skin. If you’re ready to travel to the grim back alleys of your imagination, then you’re ready for "The Dark Side of Game Texturing".

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