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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs Series by Michael-Scott Earle (#1,3-5)
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Overview: Michael-Scott Earle is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of adult fiction. His debut novel, The Destroyer, was published in February of 2016, and has earned critical acclaim. He has currently published 19 novels spanning the genres of dark fantasy, epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, space opera, cyberpunk, horror-comedy, and guy lit.
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs
Control dinosaurs. Tame women. Rule the world.

Victor Shelby ends each day wondering when his life is going to get better. His parents are dead, he struggles to pay rent, and his boss at the animal control shelter has him cleaning cages instead of working in the field. His dream of helping animals seems destined to end in a mop bucket.

Then Victor is abducted by aliens and deposited on a prehistoric world filled with hungry dinosaurs and beautiful alien women.

He doesn’t know why he is here or what his purpose is, but he finds himself fighting for survival. Most men would have been lizard kibble in a few moments, but Victor’s natural ability to empathize with animals has grown stronger, and he finds himself able to control the most docile of the terrible lizards.

Victor will have to use his taming powers to provide food, water, and shelter for the three women that he has sworn to protect. Success means they get to live another day, failure means a horrible death in the jaws of Earth’s most deadly predators.

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 3
Victor Shelby and his tribe of beautiful alien women have built a fortress to keep themselves safe, but when they encounter another tribe of survivors, Victor must leverage his dinosaur taming abilities to negotiate either peace or violence. And violence is what Dinosaurland is all about.

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 4
Victor Shelby and his harem of beautiful alien women have defeated their first enemy tribe, but their troubles are far from over. A new enemy brings terror from the sky, and Victor must do everything in his power to protect the women that he loves.

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 5
Separated from his tribe and alone in Dinosaurland, Victor Shelby must make his way through endless miles of deadly prehistoric wilderness so that he can return to his beautiful alien women. But on his way, he makes a discovery that will develop the technology of the tribe ten fold. Now he just has to live long enough to bring it back.

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