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Outstanding Oktoberfest Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of German Holiday Dish Ideas! by Allie Allen
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Overview: Do you enjoy the flavors of traditional German dishes?

Would you like to share those flavors with family and friends?

How easy is it to recreate authentic Oktoberfest dishes in your own home?

When Oktoberfest arrives each Fall, you don’t need to be in Germany to enjoy the traditional dishes often served during the festival. If you enjoy beer, have some handy to enjoy and to include in some of the dishes you’ll be preparing.

You can bring Bavarian flavors into your home with the recipes in this festive cookbook. From traditional favorites like bratwurst and sauerkraut to wiener-schnitzel, the dishes are full of flavor and easy to make.

Crunchy, bright cabbage slaw is a festive-looking and easy side dish to make for dinners at home or for get-togethers. The salad during Oktoberfest is full of many types of fresh veggies and creative dressings.

Roast pork is very popular at many Oktoberfest venues and in people’s homes. You can use various cuts of pork, including the loin or shoulder. Pork is often roasted with onions and beer. You can make many German recipes without the beer, too, if you prefer. Read on to learn how to make German dishes that everyone will love, any time of year…
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