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The Detective Grant Mysteries Series by Marcella Rhodes (#1-2)
Requirements: ePUB / Mobi Reader , 1.2 MB
Overview: Marcella Rhodes writes novels in several fiction categories such as mystery novels and from those The Detective Grant Mysteries series .
Genre: Mystery

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The Mystery at Graves End (#1)
When three young women, Emily, Suki and Karen decide to add their assistance to a seemingly well organised holiday for disadvantaged children, not one of them could or would ever expect anything extraordinary to actually happen. But after a clandestine sexual encounter on the beach, a ghostly appearance in a barn and the discovery of a dead female in a cave, there seems to be only one possible suspect in mind. But are they right? If it’s not the moustached curly haired Geoff Wilson, then who is it? Maybe the ghost of ‘old Jimmy’ does know something after all but how possibly can a spectre help? Well with DS Grant on the case, surely justice will be served somehow?

The Boys in the Band (#2)
After Garret Omfrey and Camillus Firmin, two of the members of the rock group Hallowed Ground meet up with the founder member Ninian Pethericke, it seems that perhaps a reunion of sorts is certainly in order. But there are dark forces seemingly at work, Ninian jealous of Garret and Camillus’ blossoming close relationship is determined to put something between them, spreading lies about Cam after trying to end his life and ensuring that everyone believes him, hoping that truly dead men tell no tales after all. Will Ninian Pethericke ever be brought to justice or will Garret fall for his charms, believing that he is good hearted and not the evil, manipulating man that he really is! It’s left to DI Grant and his team to ensure that justice, once again is served correctly.

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