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2 Novels by Savannah J. Frierson
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Overview: Originally from Blythewood, SC, I started writing when at twelve years old and haven’t stopped since. I graduated from Harvard College in 2005 and concentrated in African and African American Studies and English. While there, I earned the Dorothy Hicks Lee Prize for Outstanding Thesis on African-American Literature for my novella RECONSTRUCTING JADA CHANNING and the Edward H. Potter
Genre: Romance

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The Beauty Within: When full-figured barber Tyler Carver enters GD Fitness for a personal training session, she immediately butts heads with her trainer Gunnar Daniels. Refusing to allow Mr. Just-Walked-off-an-Abercrombie-&-Fitch-Billboard’s rudeness, she gives him a piece of her mind and storms off. Too bad she can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous gray-eyed grump. Former fashion model–turned–gym owner Gunnar Daniels, having a day sent express from hell, thinks it can’t get any worse until Tyler Carver, in all her curvy, chocolate glory, takes his breath away the moment he locks eyes with her. Knowing he acted out of character, he apologizes to her. Yet, he wants so much more. Can Tyler and Gunnar help each other discover that beauty is more than skin deep . . . that the beauty within is what truly decides the beauty without?

I’ll Be Your Somebody: During her tenure as the unofficial official gatekeeper of the Femme Crew, Bevin Moore found love in TROLLING NIGHTS. Can her best friend Rosita do the same? As the self-coronated queen of Trolling Nights, Rosita Velez has one edict: men are only good for one night, maybe two if she were feeling particularly benevolent. Yet somehow, her latest lover manages to stick around for one night…then two…then three…then four…and suddenly Rosita finds herself in the midst of a romantic coup, facing a decision that will change her life forever. Will Rosita abdicate her crown, or will she continue her reign of the one night stand?

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