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Sweet Texas Love Series by Shanna Handel (1-4)
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Overview: Shanna Handel writes Romance. Plain and simple. For Shanna, there is no romance without a power exchange between a strong woman, and a take-charge man. And for the icing on the cake, Shanna can’t have her power exchange without adding a little spanking into her stories.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Daddy Mine – A non-traditional tale of traditional love.
Wes has come to the gripping realization that he would rather be a lifelong bachelor than to settle for anything less than his heart’s true desire—the love of a strong woman who can be a good little girl in his arms. Having decided that his type of woman does not exist, he represses his need by spending his days working from dawn to dusk on his family’s ranch.
When Garrett, his younger brother, who left the ranch for a lucrative career on Wall Street, comes home to visit, he has a new girlfriend in tow. Carrie has an innocence that Garrett’s women have never possessed. From her golden curls to her chocolate brown eyes, she is as sweet as they come. Wes is intrigued by her demeanor.
Wes discovers quickly that Carrie has a feisty side as well. When she demands to ride Mabel, his untamed horse, she doesn’t take Wes’ answer to heart. Wes threatens to take Carrie over his knee and her reply is only three little words, “Like a Daddy?” which turns Wes’ world upside down. When Carrie pushes Wes too far, the inevitable happens, and it unleashes a life-altering chain of events.
Will Wes be able to keep his feelings for Carrie to himself? Can Garrett stay true to Carrie, or will his wild ways return? Will the brothers be divided by unexpected circumstances? Will Carrie survive the ensuing turmoil? Or have their worlds indeed been turned upside down for good?

2. Forever Daddy – My ranch. My rules.
Carrie is mine. Maybe having my brother and his fiancée home for Christmas wasn’t the best idea. But Carrie knows the rules and the consequences.
A storm is brewing. Things only get worse – tragic, in fact. Then the tide turns and beauty rises from the ashes.
All I can do is hold on tight to my girl, and try to be the best man and friend I can be. But will it be enough?

3. The Bartender – I spent over a decade behind that bar, watching her drink, dance and flirt. Keeping an eye on her and wishing she were mine. Hungering for her love, her touch.Then she kissed me. My life, as I knew it, completely changed with that kiss.As far as I was concerned, Jessica was mine.Standing at the altar, awaiting my beautiful bride, I know the rest of my life will be complete with Jessica by my side. My wife to love, protect and guide with my firm hand. But will she let me love her fully? In the way only I can? Who’s your daddy? The Bartender.

4. Texas Daddy – Buttercup:
I am not dating. I am not dating. I am not…As always, the devastatingly handsome face of Jake Hargett flashes in my mind’s eye, interrupting my mantra. I picture that smile, the one that makes my knees feel weak and my tummy go all to butterflies.But I’ve been hurt. Too much to take another chance. I’m better off lying low and focusing on the Poke Town family that I’ve returned to. Even if Jake seems to be everything I always dreamed of in a man. But will he take no for an answer?
Love at first sight is just stuff they make up in movies, right? I thought so, too, until I laid eyes on Buttercup. I’ve waited ten years for her to return to Poke Town. I’d almost given up on the idea. Then, one day, she was back. And my world changed.A gentle spirit, she’s even more fragile this time. I want to keep her safe and I want to make her mine. And give her the love she deserves. I can show her that a man can be strong as well as kind. But after all she’s been through, will she let me?

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