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Sweet Farts series by Raymond Bean (Books 2 & 3)
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Overview: Raymond Bean is a dad, a teacher, and the Amazon best-selling author of the Sweet Farts, Benji Franklin and School Is A Nightmare books. His books have ranked #1 in Children’s Humor, Humorous Series, and Fantasy and Adventure.
Genre: Children | Fiction | Humor


Rippin’ It Old School (Sweet Farts #2) – Sure, Keith Emerson may have cured the common fart at age nine. But that was so last year. Now, the whole world wants to know, “What have you done lately!?”
Thanks to his invention of Sweet Farts, the tablets that cancel even the most ripe and pungent fart smells, Keith has become the center of all kinds of attention he doesn’t want. His kid sister has turned into a farting maniac, and his parents blame him. His so-called best friends torture him at school with nicknames like “S.B.D.” (for Silent But Deadly) and try to humiliate him every chance they get. The principal wants to know what Keith’s next brilliant invention will be. His mentor, Mr. Gonzalez, is threatening to pull the plug on his laboratory. And, with the annual science fair just weeks away, it looks like the boy wonder is about to choke big time.
No pressure, Keith.
With a little help from some unexpected sources, Keith will learn a valuable life lesson in this hilarious follow-up to Raymond Bean’s surprise hit, Sweet Farts.

Blown Away (Sweet Farts #3) – Anthony has returned from a trip around the world, and he’s ready to challenge Keith, the mastermind who cured the common fart, for leadership of Sweet Farts, Inc. And right now, Keith’s hold on the company is squeaking away: his sister Emma is his newest employee and she cares only about her petting zoo, and his best friend Scott is still trying to impress everyone at the lab even though he’s just one bad idea away from getting fired.
To add to the mess, Mr. Gonzalez has heaped on the pressure by entering Sweet Farts, Inc., in the All World Science Challenge, and it could really push Keith’s company to the brink of ruin. Can he win the competition? Can he fend off the power play of Sir Anthony the Farter?
Confronted with a few humbling truths along the way, Keith is in the most stressful fight of his life – and who will end up running the company going forward is anyone’s guess!

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