Download Survival of the Shittest by Olyvia Apple (.ePUB)

Survival of the Shittest: The Ultimate Guide to Passing a Woman’s Test by Olyvia Apple
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 200 Kb
Overview: DON’T LET A WOMAN THROW YOU OFF AGAIN! Do you every try to approach a woman or do something for your girlfriend or wife, and she gives you a hard time? She makes snide comments or asks off-putting questions that make you feel like she’s putting you through a hoop? That, my friend, is called a “Shit Test.” The Shit Test is a very real phenomenon widely discussed by professional “pick-up artists” who teach that a Shit Test is a built-in psychological mechanism designed to test the man’s mettle during a pick-up attempt or courtship. What they don’t tell you is that the Shit Test is often used to mask the woman’s own weaknesses and insecurities. Intended for men who are single or in a relationship, SURVIVAL OF THE SHITTEST will do more than help you pass Shit Tests with flying colors; it will transform your understanding of women to help you attract more women and keep the one you want!
Genre: Non Fiction > dating > sex > seduction


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