Download Succubus Lord Series (1-6) by Eric Vall (.ePUB)

Succubus Lord Series (1-6) by Eric Vall
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Succubus Lord 1
Disclaimer #1- This series is about a guy that summons a harem of hot succubus women and then battles demon lords to save the world.
Disclaimer #2- It’s way raunchier than my other novels. You’ll probably love it.

Succubus Lord 2
Disclaimer #3- Redhead loli succubus joins the harem.

Succubus Lord 3
Disclaimer #4: Submissive succubus joins the harem.

Succubus Lord 4
Disclaimer # 5: Turns out the succubus of Gluttony isn’t actually a fatty, and the succubus of Sloth isn’t actually a giant… sloth. They are both super sexy.

Succubus Lord 5
Disclaimer # 6: There aren’t going to be any more disclaimers. You know what you are getting into with this series.
Jacob and his merry band of beautiful succubi face a new threat when several demonic assassins come to kill them. The battles will be fierce, and nothing can prepare the gang for the identity of their new enemy.

Succubus Lord 6
It’s time Jacob to destroy Azazel once and for all and rescue the last succubus sister from the demon lord’s clutches. But mortals aren’t allowed in Hell, so Jacob and his harem of beautiful succubi must find a way to break the rules, infiltrate the Circles, and fight through the thousands of demons looking to devour them. Just another day in the life of the Succubus Lord.

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