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Straight Talk on Your Money: The Biggest Financial Myths and Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them by Doug Hoyes
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Overview: In his thirty-year career, bankruptcy trustee Doug Hoyes has watched countless intelligent, well-meaning people let their emotions get the better of them as they follow conventional financial wisdom and get into serious money trouble. Straight Talk on Your Money cuts through the biggest myths about money and the hype of the financial industry to give you a fresh perspective, the facts you need to know and practical advice to help you prevent financial problems before they happen.

Shatters conventional financial wisdom, explaining why a good credit score may be harmful to your financial well-being, why a house is not an investment, why you should never pay a collection agent, why budgeting is a waste of time – and much more: Challenges generally accepted advice from financial industry “experts” revealing why it’s not always a good idea to pay yourself first, and why not everyone should take full advantage of tax-free investments, Features dozens of stories and simple examples that illustrate how conventional wisdom can lead you astray, Offers practical tips and advice in every chapter, Explains how to make better financial decisions by focusing on the facts about money.

With a seasoned expert to point you in the right direction – someone who’s seen thousands of people in financial crisis, and helped them out of it – you can make informed decisions, improve your financial health, and live a debt-free, stress-free life.
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