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Stinky Street Stories Series by Alex Ratt and Jules Faber
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Overview: "Have you heard of Alex Ratt… no? Then maybe you have heard of Frances Watt? Goodnight Mice!, Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books and Kisses for Daddy are all award-winning books written by Frances Watt, who also writes under the name of Alex Ratt. Her books are simply hilarious and The Stinky Street Stories is no exception.
Genre: Children, YA Humor

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01. The Stinky Street Stories: The first thing I noticed when I woke up on Sunday morning was a mysterious smell …

When Brian (‘call me Brain – everyone does’) awakes to a truly putrid pong he knows it is up to him and his friend Nerf to neutralise it. But that putrid pong is just the beginning, because life on Stinky Street is a riot of rotten reeks, awful aromas and sickening scents. So grab a peg (for your nose) or be flattened by the fumes!

02. 2 Stinky: There was a smell on Stinky Street…and it was awfully, abominably odorous.

From smelly sewers to pongy penguins, there’s always a rotten reek on Stinky Street .
So put some pickles up your nose and join Brian and his friend Nerf for a brand-new series of revoltingly runk, truly toxious and sickeningly smell-odorous adventures.

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