Download Sky Warriors: Classic Air War Battles by Alfred Price (.PDF)

Sky Warriors: Classic Air War Battles by Alfred Price
Requirements: .PDF reader, 66 MB
Overview: Sky Wariors is a superb collection of thrilling air war stories, expertly told by the accomplished historian Alfred Price. He offers selected examples of air actions fought during the past eight decades and uses detailed descriptions of these to illustrate the multi-faceted nature of air warfare.

The narrative opens with the epic and little known flight by Zeppelin L 59 to Africa, in November 1917, in an attempt to carry supplies to German troops cut off there. Lasting just over 95 hours, the flight still holds the record for the longest operational mission.

Taken together, these accounts portray the nature of aerial warfare and the huge advances that have occurred in the eight decades since military aviation took its first hesitating steps. Throughout that period some factors have remained almost constant, however: the daring, the tenacity and ingenuity of those who take to the air to do battle.
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