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Sins of Angels Series (1-3) by Matt Larkin, J.S. Morin
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 4.0MB | 2nd Edition, Nov 2017
Overview: I am a creator of worlds and a destroyer of words. As a fantasy writer, my works range from traditional epics to futuristic fantasy with starships. I have worked as an unpaid Little League pitcher, a cashier, a student library aide, a factory grunt, a cubicle drone, and an engineer–there is some overlap in the last two.

Through it all, though, I was always a storyteller. Eventually I started writing books based on the stray stories in my head, and people kept telling me to write more of them. Now, that’s all I do for a living.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy

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#1 – Echoes of Angels
First, they saved us. Then they enslaved us. Yet five hundred years after the angels vanished, humanity continues to obey.

Professor Rachel Jordan dared to defy 3000 years of angelic doctrine, teaching that the ancient angels were never the saviors they claimed to be. The Redeemers, self-appointed guardians of angelic law, branded her a heretic. Hunted by zealots who would brainwash her back into the angels’ good graces, she flees to the edge of civilized space.

But not to hide.

Rachel’s only hope is a fabled lost book of the Codex, written by a rogue angel: the Sefer Raziel. Tracking the book to a desolate former prison world, she delves into the criminal underworld to ferret out its location. But her search draws the ire of greedy megacorporations, shadowy puppet governments, and the zealots who chased her there in the first place.

As conflicting forces close in, Rachel must rely on dangerous allies and question the limits of her moral code to be the first to claim the Sefer Raziel. Even if it kills her. Because the only fate worse than death is knowing that her failure doomed humanity to eternal servitude.

#2 – Shadows of Angels
The book was never the end. It was only the beginning.

With the Sefer Raziel in hand, Rachel races to escape with it before anyone discovers her. Hidden within the pages of the book are secrets that could destroy armies and reshape worlds—certainly enough to bring Rachel’s pursuers to their knees.

#3 – Voices of Angels
A superweapon. A lost world. Galaxies poised to stop them.

The Sefer Raziel led Rachel Jordan astray. Instead of answering all her questions, it posed infinitely more. Now at the helm of an ancient starship more advanced than anything humans can build, she’s at the center of an intergalactic controversy.

Her government wants the ship.

If Rachel were to hand it over, she’d be acclaimed as a hero. But that would end her quest for the secret truth behind the angels’ rule of mankind. The angels’ starship holds the answers, and the one she latches onto is the site of humanity’s birthplace.


Rachel is about to discover why the angels hid away the cradle of humanity for three thousand years.

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