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Side Effects by Nikki Crescent
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Overview: Eldrid has spent the past eight years in a wheelchair, struggling to come to terms with his lower body paralysis. He lost so much in that car accident, but now he has an opportunity to have it all back in the form of a new drug trial: ten pills to be taken over ten days, designed to repair the spinal cord. Eldrid can’t sign up fast enough.

But the drug has serious side effects. After the first day, two men who took the first pill are hospitalized, so Dr. Lafontaine decides to end the trial for everyone. But after that first pill, Eldrid has feeling in his toes. He can’t let the amazing chance slip away, so he starts taking the pills behind his doctor’s back: one pill each day. And each day, more feeling comes back to his body. But something else is happening: certain body parts are beginning to shrink, and some soft lumps are beginning to form.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Transgender


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