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Shannon Wallace Mystery series by Kim Smith (books #3 & #4)
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, 1 MB
Overview: Kim Smith is the author of short romances, YA fantasy, and caper mysteries. She is a devout coffee addict and a recent, sick fan of Dr. Who, especially the Tenth incarnation, David Tennant.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

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In the Shadows (Shannon Wallace Mystery #3)
Shannon Wallace has been looking to pay the rent for Video Angels for days. She never guessed it would come via a major network television program in need of local videographers to shoot a possible haunted house. The only hitch is her partner, Dwayne Brown, who adamantly refuses to go near anything related to the paranormal.

Schooled in Murder (Shannon Wallace Mystery #4)
South Lake, MIssissippi used to be a quiet, sleepy little town. The cops were on a first-name basis with the townsfolk, the teacher’s were always bumping into their students at civic events, and the town’s inhabitants loved each other. Mostly. What has happened to all the goodness in the world?

Shannon and Dwayne are hired to videotape the interior of a former teacher’s home when her marriage crumbles. But the teacher is missing, and our dastardly duo step headlong into another murder in their small town. Cop buddy, Sal Ramirez, is too busy to bail them out this time, and they quickly discovered that school may be out for them all if the killer is not caught!

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