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SEAL Team Six Extra-Sized Holiday Bundle: 10 Books by Chuck Dixon & Doug Murray
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Overview: Every SEAL Team Six title by Chuck Dixon and Doug Murray in one complete collection for a limited time!
Spend your holiday season with America’s favorite heroes— SEAL TEAM SIX! Starting with all six books of New York Times Bestselling author Chuck Dixon’s seminal series SEAL TEAM SIX, moving straight on to Doug Murray’s acclaimed spin-off SEAL TEAM SIX: NO MORE. These books most definitely deliver the perfect holiday treat—in one giant bundle!
Genre: Fiction > Thriller


Seal Team Six 1: In SEAL Team Six: The Novel, a mass shooting at a California big box store begins a new round of murder from an unknown source. America is suffering a virus of homegrown terror as one-man cells are inspired by a new kind of terrorist who speaks to them through websites, tweets and emails. These lone wolves get their orders and directions on how to carry them out from a man known only as Young El. His identity and face aren’t known. Counter-intelligence agencies in the West have only the voice on his podcasts to identify him. The super-secret group often know as SEAL Team Six is the point of the spear to find, and eliminate, this new source of murder and suffering. Their hunt takes them from their base in the USA to a deadly labyrinth in the Phillipines and, finally, a terror stronghold deep in the jungles of Borneo. You’ll train with these men, fight alongside them and share their danger and losses. America’s gunfighters take the battle to the home turf of terror no matter where on the planet it hides.

Seal Team Six 2: In SEAL Team Six 2, the team is thrust into the lawless chaos of Libya in the throes of civil war. Their mission is to find and retrieve a Chinese national held within a Gaddafi stronghold deep inside the embattled city of Sirte. The mission is of vital importance if US military and intelligence forces hope to stem the tide of weapons flowing from within the crippled regime. The team is short two men and the planning is hasty. But Manny, Heath, Chili and Flame are willing to jump into the fire, face impossible odds and battle enemies from within and without to protect the Homeland. If they’re captured alive, there’s no rescue and no release. If they fail, then deadly ordnance falls into the hands of America’s enemies. It’s a race against the clock as an entire nation falls into the barbaric aftermath of the Gaddafi regime where bloodthirsty rebel bands search for weapons, loot and revenge. The SEALs’ mission will bring them to the flashpoint of the revolution as they travel across the free-fire zone of Libya with no one to rely on for their survival but themselves.

Seal Team Six 3: Cartel Carnage takes the team to Mexico and into the middle of the deadly war for dominance occurring just below our border. A submersible craft packed with tons of explosives detonates off the California coast and presents a brand new terror threat to the homeland. Despite a potential political and diplomatic catastrophe, Manny, Flame, Heath and the rest of the team invade our neighbor to the south on a hunt for a secret submarine pen and find an unholy alliance between a narco cartel and an Iranian operative known only as El Aribe.. Their mission must succeed or hundreds of thousands of Americans face an attack that will dwarf 9/11. Operation Open Hand will prove to be the team’s most challenging call-out and will leave them changed forever.

Seal Team Six 4: Duty Elsewhere, the team is divided as Manny and Heath go on a personal mission of vengeance that takes them into the brutal world of the narco cartels. This one is off-the-record and on American soil and the pair won’t stop until full payback is made and to hell with posse comitatus. The two SEALs face overwhelming odds and their own personal demons as they stalk their prey from the city streets to the high desert. Priest leads the rest of the team into the jungle of the Philippines in search of a downed drone packed with sensitive intelligence. The stakes are life and death for thousands of innocents and the team is outnumbered and outgunned once again in a hostile land. Action in the homeland and overseas as the team splits up to do bad things to bad people!

Seal Team Six 5: The team with no name. The team with no number.
In this newest entry in the bestselling series, the SEALs are on another ultra classified mission into the mountains of northern Afghanistan. They fight hard and die hard against impossible odds on a hunt for a terrorist leader called the White Ghost of the Kush. From Firebase Iron Man they move deep within a subterranean lair in the heart of a mountain to break the back and remove the head of a jihad cell poised to attack NATO forces. But there is a traitor in their midst waiting for the first sign of weakness to strike. Chuck Dixon delivers yet another fast paced tale of America’s warriors doing the dirty deeds necessary to keep the homeland secure.

Seal Team Six 6: The Team With No Name is dropped into the cauldron of a vicious civil war to find a long-forgotten weapon that will change the rules of the war on terror. Syria is tearing itself apart in the bloodiest internal combat in modern history and the most dangerous place on the planet. The SEALs, still hurting from losses suffered in the last mission, pull it together to enter a remote rebel stronghold in search of a biological weapon so deadly that it threatens the world. All hands are turned against them and discovery means death as they enter the belly of the beast one more time.

Seal Team Six NO MORE: Rekindled Flame 1: He is highly trained. His missions are classified. He is her best and last hope.
When Randall ‘Flame’ O’Donnell is forced to leave the SEALs due to a traumatic head injury he received on a mission, he firmly believes his life to be over. Leaving the SEALs is painful and impossible; Flame is certain life cannot only never be the same, but he doesn’t know how to live without them. Facing a lifetime as a nothing but a civilian, Flame finds himself considering things he never thought he would: like joining the private sector and getting a job. But this is no ordinary job. Partnering up with ex-CIA analyst and NSA agent Dana Morton, Flame finds himself reliving his SEAL days by becoming the muscle in an agency that investigates and protects.

Seal Team Six NO MORE: Rekindled Flame 2: After the success of their dangerous mission in Mexico, Flame and Dana find themselves not only with an important ally in the government to give them cases and clearance—but also with a brand new assignment and a new crew. Hired by big-time CFO Eric Forrest to look into the accounts of his employees for criminal activity, Dana and Flame hire help to navigate the highly protected computer systems. But when their new man Bivens finds that there’s money coming and going in large sums—accompanied by torture videos of teenage girls—the stakes are raised.

Seal Team Six NO MORE: Rekindled Flame 3: Randall ‘Flame’ O’Donnell was part of the team that killed Bin Laden before being badly injured and forced into civilian life.
But he’s not the man to sit around and collect a disability pension. He forms a security firm with ex-NSA agent Dana Morton. This new firm has already saved a German camera crew and foiled both a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty and one to irradiate Southern California.
Flame deserves a rest—one with young Kimberly—the love of his life. But when the private island they take that rest on is invaded by a terrorist team, Flame must fight the good fight once again—only now, he must do it alone and without a single weapon!

Seal Team Six NO MORE 4: Randall ‘Flame’ O’Donnell has just won the fight of his life—single-handedly destroying a terrorist plot to set off a fuel-air bomb inside a crowded American seaport. He paid a price, however, suffering wounds to himself and, more importantly, the girl that he loves—and Flame can’t forgive himself for that.
He needs something to take his mind off what happened—and his partner, Dana Morton, has just the thing. Three young American women working at an archeological site on the border between Iraq and Iran have been taken prisoner by Iranian troops. The US cannot help them—but Flame and his team might be able to save them.

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