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Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini (Read by Simon Vance)
Requirements: MP3 Player, Variable Bit Rate – 64 Kps Base, 11 hrs and 52 mins, 241.3 mb
Overview: The passionate Andre-Louis Moreau makes an unexpected entrance into the French Revolution when he vows to avenge his best friend’s death. His target: Monsieur de La Tour d’Azyr, the aristocratic villain who killed his friend. Andre-Louis rallies the underclass to join him in his mission against the supreme power of the nobility. Soon the rebel leader must go underground, disguising himself as "Scaramouche" in a traveling group of actors. In the midst of his swashbuckling adventures and his country’s revolution, he discovers the secret of his own identity.
Genre: Audio Book|Classics|Adventure


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