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Sandover Beach Forever by Emma St. Clair (Sandover Island #5)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 280 kB
Overview: What could be worse than sharing a kiss with your future step-sibling?

When Amber receives devastating news, she goes completely out of character and kisses the kind, handsome stranger in a bar. Except… he’s not going to be a stranger for long. He’s about to become a very close part of her life–only not in the way she hoped.

Nick didn’t plan to give any woman a chance after having his heart shattered. Especially not a woman he’s just met. But there’s something about Amber that draws him in. Even when they both find out that his mom and her dad are newly engaged. Which means he just kissed his future step-sister.

The wedding plans keep throwing them together even as they try to fight their growing chemistry. But maybe it’s time to give in–if only Amber is willing to trust Nick enough to share the secret she’s kept from them all…
Genre: Romance


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