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Samantha Smart: Time Traveler by Maxwell Puggle
Requirements: ePUB reader, 1.6 Mb
Overview: I knew turning 12 would be a big deal, but I had no idea I’d be traveling through time, fighting super-evolved shark-people and trying to keep the whole world from, well, flooding. I mean, one day I’m scootering around Brooklyn with Polly (my dog) and the next I’m taking taxi-boats around a lake that’s where Central Park used to be! Seriously, life’s a little crazy right now. Thankfully, Polly is still with me everywhere I go, and Alpha Team has really shown me how important it is to have some good friends. Brianna’s my BFF when it comes to girls, and even though she sometimes forgets what really matters because she has so many nice things, when it comes down to it she always knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Suki’s kind of like my idol-she’s so smart when it comes to things like math and science, and her dad lives in Japan, which is even further away than my dad lives (in Seattle). Marvin is my main man-my best best friend. He lives close by in Brooklyn Heights, and I’ve learned more about computers-and mediocre hip-hop-from him than from anyone else. Go, Dr. Marvy… Professor Smythe is our team leader and my primary inspiration for wanting to be a forensic scientist. Sometimes I think he’s a little loony, running around through time, acting like he knows what he’s doing-but I gotta tell ya, I’ve had to fix some of his mistakes, and it wasn’t easy! My mom Cindy’s cool, even if she is a little too enthusiastically single for my taste. I do feel really bad about what happened to her because of me, but-oops! I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t read the book, so I’ll just shut up now. :)
Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel


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