Download Runefell: The Tempest’s Fury by Shawn Sodman (.ePUB)

Runefell: The Tempest’s Fury by Shawn Sodman (Runefell #2)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 519 kb
Overview: The hunt is on! With a lead on the whereabouts of Fernando, Ariella begins her trek half way across the continent to get some answers from the man who betrayed her trust. But time is running out as the orcnea armies begin their push south to the city of Sheathelm. Where King Arioch and Chance find themselves on the defensive side of the war. Far to the north, the young Amazons of the Silver Moon have joined forces with Princess Kianna’s scouting party, and together they hope to be a disruption to the orcneas’ plans.
Genre: Fantasy


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