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Ripped Off (Ripple Effect Cozy Mystery Book 6) by Jeanne Glidewell
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Overview: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Full-time RVers, Rip and Rapella Ripple, arrive in Albuquerque, “Chartreuse Caboose” in tow, to surprise their granddaughter Tiffany on her thirtieth birthday.

But the festivities take a chill when Tiffany and husband Chase’s investment manager and close friend, Trey Monroe, is found dead in the airport with a one-way ticket to the Cayman Islands in his hand. The money Chase and Tiffany had invested through Trey is missing. Worse yet, Tiffany learns—unbeknownst to her—Chase had invested their entire savings in a risky IPO, which lands Chase in the matrimonial dog house, as well as in the big house as a murder suspect.Shocked by the betrayal of their friend and with their marriage relationship stretched to breaking, the undeterred Rapella comes to the couple’s rescue.Following leads given her by Trey’s personal assistant—also a victim of her boss’s scheme—Rapella puts herself, along with Rip and Tiffany, in the crosshairs of a killer’s gun. Now, she needs to find a way to confirm Chase’s alibi, get to the truth behind Trey’s death, and recover Tiffany and Chase’s money without adding three more bodies to the count.Retirement sure is great!
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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