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Reno Gabrini: The Man In The Mirror by Mallory Monroe
Requirements: EPUB reader, 280 kb
Overview: Sexy casino mogul Reno Gabrini fight ghosts from his past and enemies he thought were friends when he is threatened in ways he never saw coming. But when they take it too far and his beloved African-American wife and their children unwittingly become their latest victims, Reno gives up all pretense at civility, and goes for the jugular. With the help of his cousins, Sal and Tommy Gabrini, and ruthless mob boss Mick the Tick Sinatra, the ghosts from his past become enemies that rue the day they ever thought about spooking a Gabrini.

In the latest fast-paced episode of the Reno Gabrini interracial romance series, Reno finds himself battling invisible foes he thought were long gone to protect his family, and his honor.
Genre: Romance


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