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Recruiting Drive by Chris Hechtl (Jethro 4)
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Overview: Jethro McClintock had a rough time in Pyrax.

It hadn’t been the pleasant homecoming some had imagined. Far from it. He and the remainder of his squad had returned home with Firefly’s convoy in triumph, sure. They had garnered in a wave of changes to Pyrax and the navy.

But as he had wrestled with personal changes including the A.I. Bast that Fleet Admiral Irons had fully awoken within him assassins from his past had struck. They hadn’t killed him, but they had killed some near him, friends and family near and dear to his heart.

Now he has to contend with the grief and move on. Ship out to Agnosta as planned, and from there, wherever the corps needed him. But his new assignment wasn’t without some risks, he had a target on his back. But would he be willing to risk it all for another great adventure? And if so, could he balance the call of duty with the call of his heart?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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