Download Real Vampires Do It in the Dark by Amy Fecteau(.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Real Vampires Do It in the Dark by Amy Fecteau (Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle #2)
Requirements: ePUB & MOBI reader, 1.6 MB
Overview: After his disownment, Matheus finds himself more confused than ever. He lashes out, losing Quin, the one constant presence in his new life. Alone, penniless, and clueless, Matheus is forced to carve out a new (un)life, amid the chaos of a hidden war. Friends and enemies, old and new, appear with secrets, betrayals, and a surprising revelations.

Matheus will need all the help he can get, because he isn’t the only making new alliances. His father, insane and desperate, joins with Appollonia Parker, one of the creatures he’d sworn to annihilate. Appollonia doesn’t take being crossed lightly, and she sets out to exterminate Matheus and his newfound family.

Matheus must risk it all to protect his loved ones, and save Quin, one way or another…
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


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