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Ranger series by Darrell Maloney (#1-2)
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Overview: Darrell W. Maloney is an American author from Texas, and many of his novels are based there. His best selling book "The Secession of Texas" achieved critical acclaim and was called "captivating" and a "must-read" by the Wall Street Journal.
He wasn’t always a writer, though. For twenty one years he served his country in the United States Air Force. Then he worked for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. It wasn’t until he turned fifty that he decided to share his literary talents.
"Many of these stories have been rolling around in my head for years," Maloney has said. When I was fifty three years old, I finally decided to see if others might be interested in hearing them."
Maloney has a handful of characters he uses in recurring roles in several of his novels. His readers have a chance to get to know these characters as though they are old friends.
Genre: Science Fiction

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A Humble Beginning (#1) Randy was a man born in the wrong era. For he lived in modern times but had the soul of a gentle cowboy. He tipped his hat and opened doors for strangers. He said “yes ma’am” and “no sir” when it was neither required nor expected.
He was kind to others.
And therein was the enigma that was Randy. For his chosen profession was that of a lawman. And sometimes the two personas didn’t necessarily jive.
Actually, that last statement wasn’t quite true. For being a modern-day Texas Ranger wasn’t really a profession Randy chose. It was a family tradition, and one which he was expected to carry on.
Randy was actually the fifth Texas Ranger in the family. The last in a line of five successive generations.
Old Buford P. Maloney started the tradition when he lied about his age to enlist in the Rangers in 1895. The Comanche still roamed West Texas in small pockets back then. Buford P. was wounded by a brave’s arrow on his twentieth birthday but survived. Randy owed his very existence to Buford T.’s stubbornness and his unwillingness to die on the Lubbock prairie that particular day.
Flash forward, modern day. Randy still wears old Buford T.’s badge. It’s beaten and pitted and rusty, but it still outshines all the others.
Four generations before him have proven their worth as members of the premier law enforcement agency in the State of Texas.
Now it’s Randy’s turn to prove his mettle. But he’ll prove it against an adversary his forefathers never had to challenge. He’ll confront the biggest catastrophe mankind has ever faced. In a newly cold and cruel world, where few will survive.
And he’ll do it with the honor and distinction of a Texas Ranger.

A Whole New World (#2) The power’s gone out.
To make things worse, all transportation has ground to a halt.
Scientists say it’s the result of massive solar storms on the surface of the sun.
They also say it’s permanent.
The world has descended into chaos. People are giving up and committing suicide in mass numbers, and there’s no indication things will get better anytime soon.
In the West Texas city of Lubbock a small contingent of Texas Rangers mounts up on horseback for the first time in over a hundred years.
Their main mission is to help the citizens of Lubbock survive the turmoil. With the help of dozens of student volunteers from Texas Tech University, they do their best to make life once again worth living for the survivors.
While at the same time dealing with those who’d do them harm.
This is a story of how good people deal in the wake of the worst crisis in recorded history. It reflects the best of human nature.
And also the worst.

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