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Pumpkin Valley Witches series by Elizabeth Autumn (#1-2)
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Overview: Elizabeth Autumn writes mystery cozy novels, No BIO Avalaible.
Genre: Mystery Cozy

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Charms and Murder (#1) Melody Cook is addicted to magic. Just add it to her growing list of screwups.
Melody has been demoted from her job at her family’s charm shop. Now, instead of making charms, she’s a salesperson—a task she’s not up for.
In order to get her life back, Melody decides to attend a magical addiction support group. It was a good idea until she discovers that the group isn’t as invested in recovery as she is. And then a member is found dead.
There’s a killer loose in Pumpkin Valley and Melody is determined to solve the mystery. With the help of fashionable Gabrielle who desperately wants to prove her worth, the attractive and easy-going Corey who has a secret, and a mysterious cat, Melody will find who killed Chad.
That is, if she can get her magic addiction under control…

Curses and Murder (#2) Melody Cook is starting to get her magic addiction under control. She’s jobless, but that’s another matter.
All bets are off when a woman is found murdered—and the suspected killer is a member of a secret magical organization. The Pumpkin Bandits are rumored to have been responsible for several murders across a few decades. This isn’t going to be easy.
Melody has to go undercover and pretend she’s a new recruit for the Pumpkin Bandits. That means she has to spend the night with the other recruits in an abandoned house that automatically locks. And she’s pretty sure she’s being watched by the bandits—from inside the house. She’s trapped inside with people who could be killers.
With the help of her cat and her friends, Gabrielle and Corey, Melody will solve the murder. That is, if she can last one night in a spooky, run-down house as far from town as you can get.
Fortunately, the house isn’t haunted. Yet.

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