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Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Three): Lusty Prey of the Huntress by Amanda Clover
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Overview: A hardened huntress uses her wits and her body to defeat her lusty foes! But has she met her match?

Huntress Selina Calia has been dispatched from the legendary Huntress’s Cove of Ctharne to travel to Istanov and bring an end to the violence caused by the so-called "Duke of Ashes" and his monstrous followers. She arrives in the capital of Istanov to find the emperor preoccupied and the nobles enjoying the wealth and safety of the capital city’s impenetrable walls. The tale is grim beyond the capital, where monsters are raiding settlements with increasing frequency and spreading the word of the Duke of Ashes. Selina, joined by a goblin-like gertling, follows leads and battles monsters across the countryside in her pursuit of this evil.

Encountering graver threats and worse depravity as she travels west, Selina steals herself for battle with the mysterious Duke of Ashes. When she finally discovers his encampment of monsters, she must creep into their midst and face the greatest challenge of her career as a huntress. Will she defeat the Duke of Ashes or succumb to his army of lusty monsters?

Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Three): Lusty Prey of the Huntress is a nearly 17,000 word dark fantasy adventure, following the pleasures and tribulations of one of the legendary Huntresses of Ctharne. It features intense scenes of erotic pleasure and dark menace and is intended for adults only!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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