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Princess to Pleasure Slave Collection: The Forbidden Book of Monstrous Pleasures by Amanda Clover
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Overview: Collecting the first 21 steamy installments of the epic Princess to Pleasure Slave series for the first time!

In these tales of beautiful princesses in a land of fantasy an intense encounter with a monster is lurking behind every page. These pampered princesses are faced with their worst nightmares. Sometimes they use their wits, magic, or charm to come out on top. Sometimes they succumb to the undeniable lure of forbidden pleasures.

This incredible 280,000+ word anthology comes with a new foreword from Amanda Clover and covers a veritable encyclopedia of amorous monsters including goblins, orcs, minotaurs, lizardmen, slimes, sea creatures, demons, demented wizards, vengeful summoners, tentacle terrors, and many more!

Whether you are thrilled by the idea of a twisted plant girl with an evil hunger or interested in kinky submission to a dark elf dominatrix, join these princesses on their journeys.
Genre: Erotic


Book 1 – Goblins
Book 2 – Sea Creatures
Book 3 – Ravenous Slimes
Book 4 – Minotaurs
Book 5 – Filthy Wizards
Book 6 – Lizardmen
Book 7 – Bloodsuckers
Book 8 – Orcs
Book 9 – Shifters
Book 10 – Chaos Demons
Book 11 – Perverted Plants
Book 12 – Hungry Dragons
Book 13 – Zombies
Book 14 – Orc Revenge
Book 15 – Goblin Slavers
Book 16 – Twisted Elves of the Underdeep
Book 17 – The Frogmen
Book 18 – Goblin Warg Riders
Book 19 – Monster Summoner
Book 20 – Orc Warlords
Book 21 – Voracious Tentacle Beast

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