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Pickpocket by Christa DeClue (Against The Odds 1)
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Overview: Zaydra Miller is on the run. She has escaped unspeakable evil by using her photographic memory and her skill. Now she moves from city to city, never staying too long. She’s a certified borrower of things. It is her classy way of calling herself a pickpocket. She borrows things to survive, and to stay off the grid. So the abuse from her past can’t catch up with her. She has never had an issue until St. Louis. She pickpockets the wrong man and finds herself in jail.

Collin Reeves is a desperate man. He will do anything he can to rescue his kidnapped niece. Ex-Special Forces, now a self-made millionaire, he’s got a lot of resources at his disposal. He still hasn’t heard a single thing about her disappearance. Until the night he finally gets a tip on her whereabouts, the tip could only be opened alone. The only tip he’s gotten in six months. So it’s in his wallet until he can make it home. That is until it’s stolen from him.

They must decide on whether to keep butting heads or to use their skills to team up to find an innocent girl who is going through hell. Maybe they’ll find each other along the way. Or will they let the demons from each other’s pasts destroy everything that could be?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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