Download Weather Forecast Pro (Radar Weather Map) v2.0.4 [Paid]

Weather Forecast Pro (Radar Weather Map) v2.0.4 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Whatever your plans, and wherever you are, stay one step ahead with the Weather & Radar App. Enjoy rainfall radar and satellite maps across the world!


Hourly weather forecasts. Rainfall radar and satellite map.

Weather & Radar gives forecasts for any location, as well as real time weather and radar. See the latest enhanced weather map, which includes areas of cloud cover, rainfall, snowfall, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and temperatures. Zoomable Radar!

All the weather information at a glance or directly in your status bar. Fast, simple and free of charge. A weather forecast app, which accurately depicts the current weather and the emerging pattern. Severe Weather Warnings.

• Rainfall and weather radar across the world
• Current weather in any location
• Hour-by-hour weather forecasts
• 7 -day weather forecasts
• Precipitation: probability, quantity and duration
• Relative humidity and barometric pressure
• Wind strength, direction and gusts
• Hours of sunshine and UV-Index
• Weather radar for any location: rainfall radar plus cloud, thunderstorms, snow and temperatures
• Worldwide location finder
• Current weather directly in your status bar

Hour by hour weather forecasts, 7-day forecasts are included. A detailed world view is also offered.

We also offer weather widgets with


FIX: Fix bugs
NEW: Dark background
IMPROVEMENT: Refresh button on Ongoing Notification

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Download Sidereus KLWP Collection v2018.Jun.02.11 [Paid]

Sidereus KLWP Collection v2018.Jun.02.11 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.4
Overview: With Sidereus KLWP Collection you can have all my future wallpapers without spending a penny anymore!


Guide to the use of KLWP and "Jarvis For KLWP" home.

Open Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) and go to the settings.
Select your favourite music player (leaving "automatic" may be unconfortable). Music comands will now refer to the selected app.

Select a meteo provider that provides the chance of reaning informations (I use Then, select a "primary location" and an "alternate location 1", usually the primary one is based on the gps informations when available, but you may choose a specific city.
The weather screen will show the general forecast (through the icon) and the chance of raining of the next 12 hours (through the process bar and percentage) of the two chosen cities.
(If isn’t among the available providers try to update KLWP or switch to the beta program of KLWP from the Play Store in order to have the last updated providers)

There are many shortcuts to various apps throughout the home. If you go to the "globals" section through the "modify" screen of KLWP, you’ll find the colors of the buttons; modify the color from transparent to visible, and save it in order to explore the home and to see the clickable areas.
Then, go back to the settings of the wallpaper and adapt the buttons to the apps using the "shortcuts" section. ( For example, by clicking the write "free storage" or the percentage at its side, you’ll open the file manager. It will be the one that I setted, Solid Explorer, but you can set the one that you want).
Feel free to play with the whole home modifying it as you need!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the central screen, if you use the "+" button you’ll open the wifi, data and notification informations.
If you use Nova Launcher, by clicking on the notification counter you’ll expand the notification bar, so you can avoid moving your finger up to the top of the screen in order to open it. It’s very comfortable if you have a big screen, but it works using a specific setting of Nova Launcher. If you don’t use this launcher, you can still use the button setting a different shortcut.

You may face some problems if you have an Huawei, HTC or any phone that doesn’t natively support the scroll of the wallpaper images. But there is a not-too-difficult solution that will (hopefully) fix all the issues.

-Try to use Nova Launcher (the free version available in the Play Store works as well, but in my opinion Nova Prime is a worthy buy. Consider it in the future!)
-Delete the unnecessary pages from the launcher and leave a blank one
-Temporarily uninstall KLWP
-From the Nova settings, go to "Desktop" -> "Wallpaper scrolling". Set it on "force". Also use the same setting if there’s a similar option in the sistem settings.
-Put five pages in the launcher (Nova permits to put many blank pages) and set the third, the central one, as home/desktop.
-Set a normal large pic as background and check if it scrolls as the pages scroll. (If it doesn’t scroll, try to set "inverted scroll" on Nova and see if it fixes the problem).
-Download any animated wallpaper based on the page scrolling from the Play Store, and set it. (Long press -> select it using the Nova Wallpaper selection). Check if everything works.
-Reinstall KLWP and load my Wallpaper without setting it (push the "save" icon above on the right, but don’t set it as wallpaper from the shortcut).
-Go to the Nova Wallpaper Selection and select KLWP
-Good, everything should be fixed!


6/2/2018: A brand new home, Fuchsia! Big update for Neon, also!

3/18/2018: Huge update for neon, and a special new alternative skin for it!

2/21/2018: A whole new home: Neon!

2/16/2018: A built-in Theme Engine for the "Splash" home (and a bunch of other improvements). A whole new Lightweight Wallpaper (BW), and the last 18:9 fix.

1/14/2018: Improvements on: "splash" and "pixel". New aeshtetic wallpaper (Breath).

12/26/2017: New Material home: pixel!

12/17/2017 : Lyrics added.

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Download Pixxy KWGT v3.5 [Paid]

Pixxy KWGT v3.5 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Set up your homescreen with Pixxy kwgt widget pack, it’s a beautiful and unique widgets design for you!


How to use : download KWGT & need Pro key to use this pack!


Pro key

Special thanks to Naman Rastogi for weather icon GNW Icons for kustom

Hope you guys like and enjoy it!


V. 3.5
Added 2 new widgets, Google​ Lens Style!

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Download Planimeter – GPS area measure v5.1.1 [Paid]

Planimeter – GPS area measure v5.1.1 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+ | Google Play Mod | Lucky Patcher
Overview: Planimeter is a maps ruler tool to measure area, distance, perimeter, bearing, angle and GPS coordinates on map. You can set notes for each point and use this app for mapping or store your favorite locations or landmarks and create GPS tracks.


The app provides unique real-time GPS tracking feature, that allows you to measure field, property or region simply by walking or driving around. This feature is useful for people working in such areas as farming, landscaping, architecture and construction, real estate business and fencing, sport, golf (distance between points) and hiking, tour and trail planning. With this feature Planimeter operates as GPS tracker / logger or pedometer to record walking path or track.

The other useful feature is ability to quickly outline areas by drawing path on map. Magnifying Glass helps to place and edit pin position accurately:

Area measurements on maps are useful in farming and land survey, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repairing, lot building and planning, roof area estimation for solar panel installation.

Option to hide lines allows you to use the app as a simple tool for object mapping on Google Maps, lawn design, forestry. Planimeter can be used for placing way points to walk through or share your current location with family or friends.


– Accurate distance calculations and area measure
– Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres)
– Quick distance estimation between cities, waypoints, poles
– Bearing and Angle between lines
– Cycle through points by touch
– show GPS coordinates for selected point
– GPS accuracy settings
– Manage saved projects: open, save, preview, share KML files. KML-files can be used to export data to Google Earth and Google Maps
– Save screenshot of map with measurements
– Share data by email: map screenshot, coordinates as text message, KML file
– Map/Satellite View
– Zoom In/Out and Edit point location

– Location search using GPS and Network
– Address Search
– Add points by touch
– Add current GPS / Network location as a point
– Add points by Latitude and Longitude in different formats (DD, DMS)
– Fit-in and center points on screen (quick point search)
– Last point is auto centered – make it easy to use on scaled up map
– Option to show/hide lines and pins
– Multiple Point Selection in Edit Mode
– Delete selected / last / all points
– Full-screen option.

– Preferences: adjust GPS accuracy, time search, delete option and color theme
– Target Mode for accurate pin placement
– Show current coordinates in Target Mode
– Stylus Drawing Mode.
– Smart Path processing functions: Simplify Lines, Convex Area
– Point to point distances shown on path or track
– Quick Export To Google Earth (in-app purchase)
– GPS Tracking with time and accuracy settings.
– Magnifying Glass for accurate pin placement and editing

– Notes Mode (in-app purchase) to save bookmarks on Google Maps
– Quick switch to Google Maps from Note Mode to navigate to selected point:
– share Google Maps link to selected location with label from Notes Mode

– add points via length and angle inputs

– Localization: English, Portuguese, Russian, German


5.1.1 IAB features offline fix

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Download Crazy Kitchen: Match 3 Puzzles v5.2.0 [Mod]

Crazy Kitchen: Match 3 Puzzles v5.2.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Match tasty treats in this sweet puzzle adventure!

Image Image

You’re the new chef in town and your friends and family are your customers. Satisfy their hunger as you travel to various lands creating delicious bakery sweets, savory Asian cuisine, scrumptious Mexican fare, and more. Your customers will dance for joy over your cooking skills! Are you hungry for fun?

Premium Ingredients:
* Addictive match-3 gameplay
* 500+ challenging, yet satisfying levels
* Fun combo boosters and power-ups
* Dozens of delectable foods from around the world

Also Served With:
* Daily costume rewards and extra special features give you coins for free
* Add and share unique photos of your friends, family, pets, and more
* Save your progress and connect with friends

Let’s get cookin! WARNING: May cause hunger and cravings during gameplay!

* SMS feature is required to share special photo moments in the kitchen with your contact list. (Standard SMS rates may apply)

FOLLOW: @CrazyKitchenFun


It’s time to go on a sumptuous adventure through the Udon Universe with 20 brand new levels!

1. Unlimited Lives Always Active
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Boosters

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Download Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game v1.54.3 [Mod]

Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game v1.54.3 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.1 +
Overview: Swap cakes in a crazy match-3 adventure starring YOU and YOUR friends! Escape to a crazy world where streets are filled with treats and YOU are the star baker. Satisfy YOUR friends’ cravings for sweets as you serve treats to become the best baker in the land.

Image Image

Increasingly challenging puzzle play includes new ways to match and win. Solve hundreds of crazy cascading levels and match your way to sweet victory!

Key Ingredients:
★ NEW WAYS TO PLAY: Match-4 squares make frosting tubes, match paths to get customers to the door, and find friends buried below treats!
★ YOUR PHOTOS IN THE GAME: Add and share unique photos of your friends, family, and even your pets to be the stars of this crazy cake adventure!
★ EXPLOSIVE FUN: Rainbow stars, exploding cakes, and frosting tubes create confectionary cascades
★ EVERLASTING GAMEPLAY: 150+ challenging, yet satisfying levels
★ GET CONNECTED: Save your progress, connect with friends, and see their photo in your game

Enjoy explosive fun for the whole family! Download free today!



● Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. These Terms are available through the License Agreement field below, and at
● For specific information about how Zynga collects and uses personal or other data, please read our privacy policy at Zynga’s Privacy Policy is also available through the Privacy Policy field below.
● The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99.
● This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game.
● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to in this game may also apply to you.
● You will be given the opportunity to participate in special offers, events, and programs from Zynga Inc. and its partners.
● Must be 13+ to play.


Chiffon Pie Peak has 15 challenging levels for you to beat! Set your treats afloat with the new bubble machines!
Every WEDNESDAY fortnight new levels will unlock. Update your app for the latest content!

1. Unlimited Lives
2. Unlimited Gold Bars
3. Unlimited Boosters

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Download Diamond Diaries Saga v0.15.0.2 [Mod]

Diamond Diaries Saga v0.15.0.2 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Download the new Diamond Diaries Saga, a brand new puzzle linker game from King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga.

Image Image

Create precious items of jewelry by linking 3 or more charms of the same color and complete the goal before you run out of moves!

Travel to exotic cities with tons of fun, challenging levels and exciting new game modes.

Enjoy a sparkling new way to connect beautiful charms in this exciting puzzle adventure!

By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service;

– Plus 100 Moves
– Infinite Lives (Show 5)
– Developers Cheat Menu Activated (Free Boosters,Moves)

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Download TWILIGHT for KLWP v2018.May.31.23

TWILIGHT for KLWP v2018.May.31.23
Requirements: 5.0
Overview: ✔ Install KLWP PRO from the play store
✔ In your home launcher set a single homescreen page.


✔ Install TWILIGHTfor KLWP
✔ Open KLWP app and tap on the menu icon on top left, then choose TWILIGHT for KLWP wallpaper from the installed list.
✔ At the top right corner set the number of pages to 1
✔ Tap on the save icon in the top right corner to apply the wallpaper
✔ You can check the "Global" section in KLWP to customize any part of the wallpaper (preset is locked)

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Download Lotus Icon Pack v1.0 [Patched]

Lotus Icon Pack v1.0 [Patched]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: LOTUS ICON PACK is still new with 1600+ Icons.


Complement your mobile screen with amazing icons. themed with creativity and soft colors. Each icon is a real masterpiece and designed in order to create a perfect and pure stunning look. Lotus Icon Pack have been designed with a Perfect blend of creativity with simplicity enhancing your mobile experience.Lotus has all the essential boxes ticked when it comes to compelling icon design. Give it a spin!

And do you know?

An average user checks their device more than a 50 times in a day. make each time a real pleasure with this this Icon pack. Get the LOTUS ICON PACK Now!

There’s always something new:

LOTUS ICON PACK is still new with 1600+ Icons . This explains why there aren’t a lot of icons present at this very moment. but I can assure you to add lot more icons in frequent updates.


• 1600+ Icons (still new and growing with weekly updates)

• Frequent Updates with new icons and Updated activities

• Lots of alternative icons to make customization to the next level.

• Super Amazing collection of walls (more wallpapers will be added)

• Eye-Pleasing Colors and shape

• Icon preview and search.

• Dynamic Calendar support.

• Slick Material Dashboard.

• Custom folder icons

• Category-based Icons Grid

• Custom app drawer icons.

• Easy Icon Request

• FAQ section with search option

• Suppport Muzei Live Wallpaper

Still Confuse?

Undoubtedly, Lotus Icon Pack is amazing icon pack in the store. so go for it if you are thinking about purchasing it. and we do offer a 100% refund in case you didn’t like it.


If you have any issue with using Icon pack. Just email me at

How to use this Icon pack?

Step 1 : Install supported theme Launcher (Recommended NOVA LAUNCHER).

Step 2 : Open Lotus Icon Pack and click on Apply.


• A supported launcher is required to use this icon pack!

• FAQ section inside the app which answers a lot of questions you may have.Please read it before you emailing your question.

Icon Pack Supported Launchers

Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex Launcher •Atom Launcher • Aviate Launcher • CM Theme Engine • GO Launcher • Holo Launcher • Holo Launcher HD • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • M Launcher • Mini Launcher • Next Launcher • Nougat Launcher •Nova Launcher(recommended) • Smart Launcher •Solo Launcher •V Launcher • ZenUI Launcher •Zero Launcher • ABC Launcher •Evie Launcher

Icon Pack Supported Launchers not Included in Apply Section

Arrow Launcher • ASAP Launcher •Cobo Launcher •Line Launcher •Mesh Launcher •Peek Launcher • Z Launcher • Launch by Quixey Launcher • iTop Launcher • KK Launcher • MN Launcher • New Launcher • S Launcher • Open Launcher • Flick Launcher •

This icon pack has been tested, and it works with these launchers. However, it may also work with others too.In case you do not found an apply section in dashboard. You can apply icon pack from a theme setting.

Extra Notes

• Icon pack needs a launcher in order to work.

• Google Now Launcher do not support any icon packs.

• Missing an Icon? feel free to send me an icon request and I will try to update this pack with your requests.

Contact Me


Email :


• Dani Mahardhika for providing such a great dashboard.

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Download GRADION – Icon Pack v0.1 Unreleased [Patched]

GRADION – Icon Pack v0.1 Unreleased [Patched]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Tiny, Unique, Vibrant icon pack



• 300+ High Quality Icons

• Icons at 192×192

• Alternative Icons

• Regular Updates

• Cloud based Wallpapers

• Dashboard for easy use

• Icon request tool


• Action Launcher

• ADW Launcher

• Apex Launcher

• Atom Launcher

• Aviate Launcher

• CM Theme Engine

• GO Launcher

• Holo Launcher

• Holo Launcher HD

• LG Home

• Lucid Launcher

• M Launcher

• Mini Launcher

• Next Launcher

• Nougat Launcher

• Nova Launcher

• Smart Launcher

• Solo Launcher

• V Launcher

• ZenUI Launcher

• Zero Launcher

• ABC Launcher

• Evie Launcher

Full Compatible not Included in Apply Section

• Arrow Launcher

• ASAP Launcher

• Cobo Launcher

• Line Launcher

• Mesh Launcher

• Peek Launcher

• Z Launcher

• Launch by Quixey Launcher

• iTop Launcher

• KK Launcher

• MN Launcher

• New Launcher

• S Launcher

• Open Launcher

• Flick Launcher


Report your ideas and requests on my Google+ Communty

Special thanks to Dani Mahardhika for open sourced icon pack dashboard app

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