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Overcoming Emotional Chaos: Eliminating Anxiety. Lift Depression and Create Security in Your Life by Doc Childre, Deborah Rozman
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Overview: Overcoming Emotional Chaos is the first book that completely explains the seduction of emotional stress and chaos in individuals and society. The techniques and tools offered are not cure-alls but ways for people to increase their capacity to live their values while reducing their stress. This book offers a game plan for overcoming the nagging, negative feelings that all too easily become emotional habits.

Is what’s between these pages for you? Ask yourself: Does who you care about drain you or energize you? Are you compromising yourself or taking advantage of others just to make it through the day? Is what you care about stress producing or stress reducing? Do you believe that letting people know how you feel will leave you vulnerable and likely to be hur or taken advantage of?

Now take a moment to listen to your heart. If any of the questions above left you with a question mark in your mind, then maybe this book is for you.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Self-help


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