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Omensent: Revealing the Dragon by Barry Gibbons (The Dragon Lord series, #04)
Requirements: EPUB or MOBI Reader | 1.1 MB
Overview: It’s been several years since the Dragon Lord, Damion Omensent, was forced to confront the Dragon God to save his daughter, Leia, causing the Dragon God to break the Pact of the Gods, and allowing the gods to return to the wars that once consumed the world.
Now, a new threat arises as Etaz, the God of the Underworld, sets out to renew His quest to bring the world under His dominion, while an entirely new species of dragon emerges to wreak havoc throughout the land. With war looming, and an unusually elusive serpent seemingly intent on destroying him, Damion and the others set out to thwart Etaz’s plans, and once again, save their home from disaster.
Genre: Fantasy


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