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Obverse Books: Faction Paradox by Various, (Authors below)
Requirements: Any .epub reader, 5.16Mb.
Overview: The Obverse Books set of Faction Paradox: novels, anthologies, and novellettes written by people both old and new to the series with no input from series creator Lawrence Miles.
Genre: Science Fiction


A Romance in 12 Parts
Storyteller by Matt Kimpton.
Gramps by Jonathan Dennis.
Mightier than the Sword by Jay Eales.
Now or Thereabouts by Blair Bidmead.
Nothing Lasts Forever by David N Smith and Violet Harrison.
Library Pictures by Stuart Douglas.
Holding Pattern by Scott Harrison.
The Story of the Peace by Ian Potter.
Print the Legend by Daniel O’Mahony.
Tonton Macoute by Dave Hoskin.
Alchemy by James Milton.
A Hundred Words from a Civil War by Philip Purser-Hallard.

Burning With Optimism’s Flames
Raleigh Dreaming by Elizabeth Evershed.
Office Politics by Alan Taylor.
…and from the Tower she did fall by Cate Gardner.
La Santa Muerte by Daniel Ribot.
Dos Hombres – A Fable by Kelly Hale.
All the Fun of the Fear by Stephen Marley.
Wing Finger by Helen Angove.
The Strings by James Worrad.
Squatters Rights by Juliet Kemp.
After the Velvet Eon by Simon Bucher-Jones.
Remake/Remodel by Jonathan Dennis.
Dharmayuddha by Aditya Bidikar.
A Star’s View of Caroline by Sarah Hadley.
De Umbris Idearum by Philip Purser-Hallard.

Head of State by Andrew Hickey.
When the seventh head speaks, the War will end…’
In 11th century Arabia, Shahrazad tells her final story, on the thousand and second night.
In 19th century Britain, Sir Richard Burton is sent on the most important mission of his life.
In 21st century America, a serial killer is stalking a Presidential campaign.
And the hero has been written out of the novel.
‘”…and the true War will begin.’

Liberating Earth
Playing For Time I by Kate Orman.
Dreamer in the Dark by E. Timms.
Playing for Time II by Kate Orman.
Annie’s Arms by Xanna Chown.
The Mountains Are Higher At Home by Juliet Kemp.
Playing For Time IV by Kate Orman.
Judy’s War by Rachel Redhead.
Playing For Time V by Kate Orman.
Red Rover Red Rover by Q.
Playing for Time VI by Kate Orman.
The Víkingr Mystique by Dorothy Ail.
Playing For Time VII by Kate Orman.
Life of Julia by Tansy Roberts.
Playing For Time VIII by Kate Orman.
Project Thunderbird by Kelly Hale.
Playing For Time IX by Kate Orman.

Against Nature by Lawrence Burton
You will make war with the beast of the city, and the people will be grateful, and in this way will your fame be fortified.
Every fifty-two years, the God Xiuhtecuhtli – incarnate for the purpose as a young Mexica male – would give himself in sacrifice in order that the universe should be renewed and the passage of time
would continue as it had done before. Those born to other cultures and other eras might be forgiven for their failure to appreciate this great and selfless act.
It was therefore strange that such a profound understanding should arise in one so far removed from the heart of this world, both veteran and victim of the terrible, endless war in heaven, a man the Mexica knew briefly as Coahualxiu bearing a death wish the size of creation…

Spinning Jenny by Dale Smith
One snowy night in 1854, Elizabeth Howkins arrives in Strines. Back in the place where the gods took her Bill from her, all those years ago.
But now, she has learned their secrets. Now, she knows their weaknesses. Now, she is ready to exact her revenge.
But Elizabeth isn’t the only visitor to Strines. Major Webber and his team have tracked her to the four corners of the Empire. In Strines, they are determined that she must meet her destiny, in the name of the Queen.
And something about the upcoming conflict has attracted the attention of someone with their own plans for the chaos to come. No less than the resurrection of that old, doomed, time-travelling voodoo cult, Faction Paradox…

The Brakesperare Voyage by Jonathon Dennis and Simon Butcher Jones.
“The Tribunal Decision in the matter of the Great Houses vs. Scarratt is as follows.
That the orders lawfully issued to the said Scarratt were deliberately ignored, as recorded in Scarratt’s own thoughts as recorded through the media first of the recording circuits of his timeship and then of the biodata retrieved from exhibit A.”

Weapon’s Grade Snake Oil by Blaire Bidmead
“There she goes. Running flat out. Little Sojourner. Not really dressed for a sprint. Moves pretty fast for a woman of her age though. She’s carrying something. Hard to see from this far away.
Maybe, if we moved a little closer.
Sojourner has a gun in each hand. She swings them, awkwardly as she dashes across the gravel. Barefoot. Her evening dress looks a mess. That backpack looks heavy. There’s a sheen to her dark skin. But, look; it isn’t sweat. It’s blood.
That isn’t a pattern on her dress either. That’s blood too. Her braids are spraying a trail of red in their wake. That’s a lot of blood.
It’s not her blood.”

The Book of the Enemy
The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A – Simon Bucher-Jones.
Cobweb and Ivory – Nate Bumber.
The Book of the Enemy – Andrew Hickey.
T.memeticus: A Morphology Philip Purser-Hallard.
The Short Briefing Sergeant’s Tale – Simon Bucher-Jones.
A Bloody (And Public) Domaine – Jacob Black.
Life-Cycle – Grant Springford.
First Draft – Nick Wallace.
Eyes – Christian Read.
We are the Enemy by Lawrence Burton.
Timeshare by Helen Angove.
A Choice of Houses by Simon Bucher-Jones.
Houses of Cards by Lisa Sarah Good.
The Enemy: The Hole in Everything by Simon Bucher-Jones.
The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Enemy by Jay Eales.
No Enemy But Despair by Simon Bucher-Jones.
The Map and the Spider by Wilhelm Liebknecht.

The Book of the Peace
The Ugly Spirit by Philip Marsh.
What Keeps Their Lines Alive by Niki Haringsma.
Going Once, Going Twice by Jacob Black.
Jukebox by Aditya Bidikar.
A Farewell to Arms by Nate Bumber.
And To Dust We Shall Return by Alexandra Marchon.
War During Peacetime by Greg Maughan.
The End of the Beginning by George Mann & Philip Marsh.
A Man Lays Dying by Philip Marsh.

Hypernormalisation by Jonathan Dennis
War Eternal, on Earth as it is in Heaven, but when the approval ratings for the war are down, who can the military industrial complex turn to?

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