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Not My Wedding by Jolie Damman (Alpha Predators #1)
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Overview: Kayla: He ruined me.
The moment he chose me as his fiancée, I knew that my life was going to become a living hell.
Ruthless, cold, and irresistible – Nazar is a hulking Russian billionaire with only one demand.
Controlling me.
And I don’t mean just keeping me close, but choosing what I can wear, who I can meet, and even what I can eat.
He’s a sadistic mob boss that doesn’t just think of me as his fiancée, but also as his doll…
I wake up breathless every night, and he doesn’t seem to care.
There’s just no escaping his steely eyes and supremacy.
He’d claimed me as his forever…

Nazar: I am going to uphold the vow.
Her father had promised Kayla to me before his passing.
She delighted herself in her newfound wealth, until I took down my mask.
I’d scratched marks in her boundless freedom. She now has to follow my rules, and they are strict and perfectionist.
Her chocolate skin teases my eyes every night.
Her lips are far too irresistible…
The marriage is going to happen, even if my father doesn’t favor it.
I’ll do anything to seal my destiny with hers, including destroying everything I’ve built…
Genre: Romance


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