Download Nomad: Freedom Is Never Free by Todd Brill (.ePUB)

Nomad: Freedom Is Never Free by Todd Brill
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Overview: They called him Nomad once, but now he was just a number. Prisoner number 676722. Ted had been caught on the streets and brought to a facility where they perform government-sanctioned experiments on the transient population.

After a quantum entanglement experiment goes wrong, Ted finds himself standing on an alien world, free from his prison and facing alien creatures under an alien star in a concentration camp filled with dozens of intelligent alien species. The soldiers force him to work on a mysterious project their Leader wants built.

Hundreds of aliens have been transported across space-time and for some unknown reason they end up on this planet much to the angst and anger of its people and their despotic Leader.

Will Nomad free himself and uncover the mystery of why he was transported to this strange alien world?
Genre: Science Fiction


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