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Noises In Apartment B by Dwayne Thuringer
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Overview: An immense amount of chattering by the others followed these pithy remarks of the principals. The question in debate was, Whether the two toes of the ostrich represented the thumb and forefinger in man, or the little and ring fingers? But in a few minutes the subject changed gradually, and somehow unaccountably, to questions of a political nature, for, strange to say, in savage Africa, as in civilised England, politics are keenly discussed, doubtless at times with equal wisdom in the one land as in the other. "What dat oo say?" inquired Flatnose, on hearing some muttered remarks of Frizzyhead in reference to the misgovernment of chiefs. Of course there, as here, present company was understood to be excepted. "Chiefs ob no use no use at all!" said Frizzyhead so vehemently that the men at several of the nearest fires ceased to talk, and began to listen. "Ob no use?" cried Flatnose, with vehemence so superior that the attention of the whole camp was arrested.
Genre: Fiction


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