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Nightshade Paranormal series by Lori Woods (#1,4)
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Overview: Lori Woods is an avid reader of cozy mysteries, but particularly enjoys hobby and culinary based mysteries. She also has a very sweet tooth and decided to write mysteries around her favourite sweet treats!
Genre: Mystery Cozy

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Witch You Were Here (#1) Suzy knows she’s no longer in Pennsylvania when the dwarf says, "Is she dead, or is she dead dead?"

After a voice lures her and her cat through the gate at the old cemetery and into a world of magic, Suzy discovers she’s the new and powerful white witch of Nightshade. At first she doesn’t believe it. But, is it really just a coincidence all along that she collects brooms?

Suzy faces three major problems. First, the previous white witch who could help her find her way home, is found murdered. Secondly, the being who lured Suzy to Nightshade wants to kill her next. Thirdly, she’s trapped in the new world and doesn’t know how to get back home.

In the face of danger, Suzy has no choice but to embrace being a witch, find the killer, and learn how to use her new powers. 

Life’s A Witch (#4) After a spate of gargoyle murders, Suzy Maycomber finds herself running out of time to catch the culprit and save her friend, Red Sumac, who has been framed for the murders.
Gargoyles daring to seek better lives for themselves has caused the cult group, the Anti-Masons, to re-emerge and target them. As the granddaughter of one of the world’s most notorious Anti-Masons’, Suzy’s friend, Red Sumac, is automatically under suspicion of murderous activity in Hemlock.
Join Suzy and friends as they go deep under cover as Anti-Masons to discover the truth, while endangering their own lives.
Will they succeed or will Red Sumac be doomed to spend the rest of her days in a witch’s prison?

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