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Neurotopia by Tony Mohorovich
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 430 KB
Overview: The government can read your thoughts. Improve them too. War, poverty, and crime are history. If you don’t like it, you can always try your luck on that orbiting stateless superpower known as Apollo (formerly The Moon). When Earth’s neuronet is hacked with a suicide virus, a reclusive thought-scanner, Sky Marion, finds her mother slitting her own wrists. Her mom is not alone – over a million Earth citizens are infected. Who is to blame? The usual suspects – synthetic telepath hackers hiding on Apollo. With no known remedy on Earth and less than a week before the virus shuts down victims’ brains, phobia-ridden Sky must risk her life and sanity to infiltrate the lawless lunar colonies if she is to find a cure. But in doing so, Sky will find herself in the middle of a hidden war, fought for ultimate control over our minds.
Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction


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