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Mick Abruzzo’s Story (Blackbird Sisters #0.5) by Nancy Martin
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 345 KB
Overview: MICK ABRUZZO’S STORY tells the tale of how Nora and Mick first met…and how Mick’s criminal past in the Abruzzo family almost ended their relationship before it got started.

At a troubling crossroads in his life, Mick is offered a contract by one of his father’s emissaries, but before committing a terrible crime he sets out on his own kind of investigation, into the murder of a promising research doctor at the hands of his drug dealer.

Mick’s search sends him through mansions on the Main Line as well as into dangerous neighborhoods of South Philly, and on this journey he encounters many of the quirky characters that author Nancy Martin is best known for.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > Mystery/Thriller > Cozy


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