Download Merlin’s Grove Box Set by Mark C. Wade (.ePUB)

Merlin’s Grove Box Set: Books 1-3 by Mark C. Wade
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 420 kb
Overview: Save with this box set containing the first three MM romance stories in the Merlin’s Grove Series.
Genre: Romance MM


The Overlook

Imagine a heartwarming love story.

Ben has done this his whole life, but now two irresistable men drive him wild at the same time!

The dreamy doctor is kind and stable and just what he’s always wanted.

The mysterious stranger disgusts and tantalizes him.

On top of it all, the stranger has set the town’s ancient magic in motion, and Ben’s dream of opening a gay bar meets with resistance from the town board.

The Track Coach

Hunter wrecked havoc on his life.

And it was all due to a bet.

A shy math geek just wandered into Merlin’s Grove’s only gay bar. Hunter, who’s used to getting what he wants with his epic body, bets he can land the guy within three dates.

But this is Merlin’s Grove, where not everything is as it seems. Hunter accidentally summons a dryad from the Enchanted Triangle for help. She will stop at nothing to make sure they end up together.

The Enchanted Triangle

A young hot-headed guy, an older cool man, and a mage walk into a bar.

No joke. This actually happens, and all Alex can think is that he was in the wrong place at the right time.

Now Dan thinks Alex is his blind date, but he’s not.

The mage has come to destroy the Enchanted Triangle, and worse, he thinks Alex is his enemy.

Will Alex be able to figure out what’s going on and save Merlin’s Grove before it’s too late?

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