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Melania Trump: The Inside Story: From a Slovenian communist Village to the White House by Bojan Pozar, Igor Omerza
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Overview: This is a book about Melanija Knavs, today Melania Trump, an unauthorized or unofficial biography about the shy and skinny girl from Slovenia, a country most Americans think to be part of Russia, if they’ve ever heard of it at all. Even if they have heard of it, they surely haven’t heard of Sevnica, the small town Melanija calls – or at least called – home. Nonetheless, this Slovenian, this Sevnica native, can become First Lady as wife to the, at least on paper, most powerful politician in the world – the President of the United States of America.

Her story is full of coincidences and aligned stars, the product of a web of incredible, even spectacularly fantastic circumstances.

Melanija Knavs comes from a completely average socialist Slovenian family, born and raised in the former Yugoslavia under the dictator Josip Broz Tito. Her parents were not part of the Slovenian social elite, though her father Viktor Knavs was a member of the communist party. They weren’t rich, but they weren’t poor either. Melanija was never the brightest student and she never studied at Oxford, Sorbonne, or Harvard; she was never a supermodel, even less a top athlete, recognized scientist, or extremely successful businesswoman; nonetheless, today, right before her 46th birthday, she is by far the richest Slovenian of all time.

Melania Trump truthfully didn’t actually have a career, but her story reads as if scripted in a Hollywood success story: a true American fairytale.

We know a lot about Donald Trump, practically everything. On the other hand, not just Americans, but even Slovenians hardly know anything about Melania Trump. But when you read this book, you will learn almost everything about her.

The authors of this book about Melania Trump are the journalist Bojan Požar and publicist Igor Omerza from Slovenia.
Genre: Biography


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