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Making Waves: A Tritone Anthology by Judi Fennell
Requirements: ePub, Mobi or PDF Reader, 1.6 mb
Overview: Enjoy a magical, mermaid-ical bon voyage as you revisit our friends under the sea!
Genre: Romance > Fantasy


Three Mers, three Humans and an ocean full of trouble!
In Over Her Head
What exactly happened during The Incident when Reel and Erica were younger? How did they first meet on the beach all those many years ago, the meeting that scared Erica from ever wanting to go back in the ocean and the one that made her unforgettable in Reel’s eyes?

Wild Blue Under
How did The Oceanic Council confirm that Valerie really was the lost Mer princess and how did Rod take the news that he had to bring her back?

Catch of a Lifetime
And then there’s little Michael Hardington who only wanted a mermaid for his birthday, but dad Logan said there were no such things. Well, you can’t prove it by Michael when he hooks Angel on his line and brings her on board.

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